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12-02-2012, 09:25 PM
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Originally Posted by RC51 View Post
this is going to go nowhere fast. The meeting will start, Jacobs will stand up and demand the players accept the NHL offer " as is and do it now"
the players will be stunned at this instant attack and not answer, Jacobs will slam his fist down and say "well that's it, SEASON OVER, and the next NHL proposal will be be for the players to accept the original 43% and right now or else next season wont happen at all also " you players will learn who's the boss around here" The group of owners walk out slamming the door behind them into the next room, they all sit down in old leather chairs, light up BIG FAT CIGARS and pouring themselves 100 year old scotch and congratulating themselves on the American way of negotiation.
Jacobs will not do this. As bad as you think the guy is there is a reason they selected the owners they have to come to this thing. It is to show the moderates the players position for them to see for themselves and be stunned by. At least that would appear to be the plan, this is not an attempt to bully, if it was the owners would be different. Now what should really scare the players is two hours in Vinik or Chipman slam their fist on the table. That is probably Jacobs and Bettman's end game. Of course assuming they don't think meaningful movement is possible.

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