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12-02-2012, 09:29 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyCA View Post
Perhaps you could have provided your opinion or insight, instead of deferring to someplace else. The reality is the NHL has offered approximately 200 Million Dollars as part of a "make whole" provision to try and recoup the losses in contract dollars that will be incurred by dropping the players share of HRR down to close to 50% in year one. However, the make whole provision they are proposing would not recoup player salaries completely.. There would be a "doughnut hole," per say, which would effectively mean a salary rollback on current player contracts. You are not honestly arguing that the PA's goal with the "make whole" provision is to provide them with effectively more compensation then what their current contracts say they are entitled to..right? The real problem is the NHL has offered a salary rollback in the guise of escrow, effectively lowering current contract values without instituting an off the top cut in their salaries.

It is neither unreasonable, nor greedy, for the players to want the owners to honor contracts they just agreed to less than 6 months ago. As an owner, how can you go out and sign players to 100 million dollar contracts, cry wolf about it less than 6 months later, and ask the players to reduce the compensation they just negotiated with a willing partner who held celebratory press conferences about the big "score" their team just acquired. Makes no sense.
It makes as much sense as said players crying about lost money when everyone of those contracts had huge guaranteed bonus money in them. Parise and Suter are both getting $25m in signing bonus money the first 3 years. Thats more than enough to cover what ever salary they would have lost due to situation considering their base salary for the next 2 years is $2m and jumps up to $6 in year three. A bit hypocritical for either of those guys to come out criticize the proposals when they arent going to be very effected by it.

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