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Originally Posted by Leafs87 View Post
I get your point, but I view Datsyuk as one of the best players in the world. His skill is about as high as Malkins. He does not score as many points, even though I think if he wanted to be more selfish he could. But what makes me think hes better then Malkin is his complete game, IQ and intangables, one of the best players I have ever watched. I think its hard to justify Datsyuk as a better player but I just personally view him as better.
This is where the absurd HFBoards logic comes into play. He has as much skill as Malkin? Based on what evidence? Some nice dangles? And he could score as many points if he wanted to, but he doesn't? That's just silly. It's nothing to do with being "selfish" and skill means nothing if it doesn't translate into points. Offensive production is priority #1 for top six forwards. His defensive game is nice, but it's a secondary skill-set for a player in his position. It's like saying that Goalie A(with a .910 save %) is better than Goalie B(with a .930 save %) because he plays the puck better. That's a nice skill, but you'd still rather have the guy that stops pucks at a higher rate.

I mean I'm not trying to come down on Datsyuk here because he's actually one of my favorite players in the league. But reality is reality. People need to come back down to earth with the whole "well rounded!" argument.

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