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Originally Posted by showtime8 View Post
I wouldn't argue about the fact that a franchise gets broken down and essentially and it comes down to the players that have to execute.

I think a lot of people are saying that its Burke that chooses the system and players, so he is in part to blame because he's not getting good enough players to execute the plan.

Of course I think that its a closer split than what you're eluding too. A player comes into the league with a certain skill-set and is only able to play to what his ability is. Its like drafting Morgan Rielly and asking him to play a shutdown role with the Leafs. No. He's going to score goals and generate an attack. So what I'm trying to get to is, if you have too many players that aren't playing their roles, you won't be winning any games. ie Bozak playing 1st line centre and Lombardi playing a 3rd line shutdown role.
Burke doesn't choose the system. I just say an interview yesterday where he said he doesn't interfere with the coach. He felt it was a very big reason why Carlyle took the job. Because he knew Burke was a hands off GM. He said other than maybe asking a coach to give some added TIO to a player being shopped the coach has free rein.

YEs he brings in the players and the coaches, but they still have to execute throughout the 82 game schedule. Burke doesn't take defensive zone faceoffs or takes the #3 spot in a shoot out.

I know everyone is stuck on the President Truman "The buck stops Here" mentaility, but that is Hollywood. Reality is the players are the ones on the ice.

BUrke's players were good enough to be in a playoff spot Feb 23 2012.

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