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12-02-2012, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Bocephus86 View Post
I have a recurrent erosion on my eye from over a year ago and it hurts like a ***** every once in a while. I can only imagine how much the governers eye will hurt. Maybe thatll push him over the edge into complete *******/evil villain like Ive heard he is in the comics. Im ready to set up fights to the death when mine flares up in the morning and we aren't even in an apocolypse
Definitely see the Gov going over the edge now. His daughter now gone, his aquarium of fame broken. The loss of an eye will seal the deal. I want to see another Gov/Michonne show down.

Originally Posted by HawksFan74 View Post
Merle is going to die. No way he fits in with the group.
I could see Daryl bringing him back. In the preview they show Glenn yelling something about "What's he doing here", I'm guessing it's Merle.

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