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Originally Posted by squidz View Post
No, that's the common idiocy, not a valid claim. It has been shown statistically time and time again that kicking that field goal is a mistake. The team has been completely unable to move the ball down the field the entire game. You've already done most of the work getting down there now. Getting a quick TD and getting the ball back only requires you to make it a short distance down the field to try kick a field goal with one of the longest legs in the league.

There was 2:01 left. After a made field goal and kickoff, if it's not a successful onside kick (and expected onside kicks rarely are) the Packers have the ball back with around 1:50 left. The Vikings had 2 timeouts which means the Packers can run the ball 3 times which will burn at least 50 seconds. Add in a decent punt and the Vikings get the ball back deep in their own zone with about 50 seconds remaining, needing to go the entire length of the field with the third worst passing offense in the game. There's almost zero chance of winning there.

Swap that around with the scenario of trying for the TD. Assume a first down is successful and two more plays are required to score, so it takes things down to around 1:50 left. Kick deep instead of onside and hold them to a three and out. Again you have 50 seconds + punt come off the clock, but now you have the ball with 40 seconds at about midfield needing to gain just 10-20 yards to kick a field goal. Essentially what needs to be weighed is whether or not your team can gain 3 yards. If they can't gain 3 yards, how do you expect them to go 80 yards down the field in 50 seconds with no timeouts?
and if you don't make the 1st down you turn the ball over and don't get it back. kicking the field goal was the absolute right decision, you are going for a score and you get the ball control, sure the onside might fail but its not like the Vikes were getting the packer offense off the field the whole day.

because Walsh missed the kick didn't make it a wrong decision just a cap to a bad day.

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