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12-02-2012, 10:30 PM
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NBA has the least parity because it has the most skill. Or rather, it has the least luck. Baseball and hockey have much more randomness, which means the odds are much better that a worse team gets lucky and beats a better team in the playoffs.

In basketball the teams with the best players win more consistently than any other pro sport. Because the best players in basketball control the ball more, and there's less randomness in shooting a basketball.

Strategy and coaching in basketball pretty much come down to hiring the best players. A LeBron James or Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan in their prime are good enough to make any NBA team at least a top 4 team.

None of the other major sports can be so dominated by a single superior individual.

The bottom tier have no hope. And even the middle tier only can hope to make the playoffs and then get crushed by the dominant teams with the dominant players.

In hockey there's always hope your goalie goes on a hot streak. In baseball you hope your pitchers get hot and the Yankees bats go cold.

What saves the NBA is the salary cap and the draft. So a team like Cleveland could go from nothing to the Finals by drafting a LeBron. And then go back to nothing when LeBron leaves.

Can't imagine how dominant the Lakers would be if the NBA had MLB's financial system.

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