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12-02-2012, 10:37 PM
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Originally Posted by TheCanasianfrasian View Post
A legal mortgage means that if Max ever sells that house, then the owed company has rights to refund themselves with part, or all of the money made from the sale.

as long as he keeps the house, the legal mortgage is just background noise.
It's not just noise. I heard of no legal proceedings, so it means Max and the contractor are still negotiating. But if the negotiations are deadlocked, sonner or later this goes to court.

Max is still young, so overspending to the point where he can't make payment after missing 4 paycheck is not outlandish. Even if he saved money, it's likely tied down. But it's at least as likely he ain't happy with the work done and is playing hardball with the contractor. More like 70/30 in favor of the dispute, I'd say.

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