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Originally Posted by Live in the Now View Post
Orton and Ponder are pretty similar I think. Give them just one halfway decent guy to throw to and a bunch of trash, a great defense and great back, they might manage the game well and get your team either in or very close to the playoffs. Give them better who knows, but they'll rarely carry your team to a win.

Their stats will probably be similar too.

Orton 15 games 58%, 3000 yards, 18 TD, 12 INT
Ponder 12 games 62%, 2305 yards, 14 TD, 11 INT

I just don't think that makes him the worst QB in the league, but average instead. If the Vikings would ever try to get a good #2 WR things would maybe be different.
You should look at the game logs. The Ponder of the 1st 6 games is not the Ponder of the last 6 games.

First six games, 8 TDs, 4 INTs. 1 game with a QB rating under 75. Vikes a surprising 4-2. 1 game under 198 yards passing.

Last six games, 6 TDs, 7 INTs (multiple ones in the red zone at that). 1 game with a QB rating over 75. Vikes 2-4. 2 game over 198 yards passing (with 2 games under 70).

Ponder is regressing. Peterson is having an MVP-caliber season, even a slightly below average QB with put us in a WC spot. We are in free-fall as Ponder has shat the bed ever since the Washington game (Detroit game the lone exception).

Orton... a career journeyman/back-up may be his ceiling.

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