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Originally Posted by Loffer View Post
Why to keep the 93 born guys together just for their age??
Not for their age... for their chemistry. Those guys have been playing together from time to time before since the U16 level and have been putting up good showings. An argument, which, by the way, applies to the younger classes too somewhat.

Originally Posted by Loffer View Post
I don't like this line Salomaki-Granlund- Armia at all. Just put the best offensive players to the top line and keep them there no matter what.

Teravainen - Barkov - Armia is the legit first line for Finland, it's obvious, and should be firm and fixed. They are simply the best three forwards in the roster.
And this is exactly the kind of thinking that would get you an earful from any professional coach. Three best individuals do NOT make the best possible line in most cases. Even if one can try 'em together, no coach won't ever think about keeping 'em together "no matter what". In a regular season grind it sometimes can work if given enough time, but in a short tournament when your game has to look somewhat complete from the get-go? Surest way to doom.

I'd give you a virtual dunce cap now, but I seem to be all out.

Originally Posted by Tormentor View Post
Watching the latest U20 tournament, Haapala played quite well while J.Ikonen was close to a non-factor. He had 2 shots in 3 games, and it’s not like he was bringing that much to the table in other areas of the game either. Like I stated earlier, even Järveläinen stood out more than him. Haapala has been struggling a bit in SM-liiga lately, but from what I've seen so has J.Ikonen, no difference there.

J.Ikonen has a higher offensive upside, but as of now Haapala seems to be bringing slightly more to the table overall. That's my subjective view based on seeing how these two have performed lately. Barkov is a huge factor in Haapala’s offensive success in SM-liiga, no denying it.
Haapala is a rare case of being consistent with his struggles. They pretty much began when he was separated from Barkov in favor of Jannik Hansen. He immediately seemed to get his step back when he got shifts with Sasha in Sundsvall. Those two click, I'd say it's pretty evident.

Barkov, of course, seems to be doing fine no matter who he plays with so it's not a complete argument for keeping 'em together. There could always be a guy out there who might do even better than Haapala on his wing.

Salomäki and Armia are the only wingers with big bodies we have currently slated for an offensive role. Teräväinen, Lehkonen, Haapala and J.Ikonen are the next candidates (in that order of prestige), but they're all a bit on the small side. If two lines are built out of them, the physicality will very likely become a liability given how essentially all of our main opponents will have more size and no shyness to use it. At least one more headbanger should be inserted, even if it means cutting a guy who should otherwise deserve to be there. Currently the hammer lands on J.Ikonen. He's a '95 born anyway, so he'll get his chance in the coming years, there's no doubt about that.

Same happened last year too, by the way. TT was cut, and it caused quite the outrage. It's of course hard to say in retrospect whether it was a good call or not, but that's just what coaches have to do sometimes. They're in market of building the best possible team, not in gathering the best possible individuals.

Originally Posted by Tormentor View Post
Don't agree with this. Russia, Sweden and USA should have good teams as well (possibly better than Finland), and Czechs have a chance of surprising in a single game with guys like Hertl, Faksa and Frk among others.
Yeah. Bit of myopia going on with our friend there. It is a very strong Team Finland, definitely one for the books and rivaling squads of -98 and -01, but in comparison to other countries, nowhere near being head and shoulders above the rest of the entrants. A medal - even the championship - is definitely within reach, but by no means a failure if not achieved.

Besides, even if the skaters look good, the most important single position, netminding, is something of a question mark right now. Hoping it sorts out of course, but this little notion alone makes Finland far from being a clear-cut favorite as of right now.

Originally Posted by Gaps View Post
As for who should play center; I could see both Granlund and Salomäki being able to fill the role, and I don't really have a personal preference on which one of them should do it. Teräväinen has been terrible at center this season, so he should stay on the wing. Granlund hasn't played center lately, but he did fine when he did. Not excellent, but fine, especially compared to Teräväinen.
And I'm really wondering now why this talking point keeps popping up since it doesn't make much difference when you place two C/W's in one line who will be its namely centre. Pretty much the only way to make the distinction if to look who is the preferred choice for faceoffs. When the clock is running, their namely position in the lineup report becomes nothing more than a footnote in history.

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