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12-02-2012, 10:55 PM
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This is my first year playing fantasy football and I play in a 16 team league.

I started my fantasy season 1-4. I lost my first three games by 11, 12, and 3 points before I finally won a game by about 9 points in week 4, only to get utterly blown out in week 5 by 69 points. I had the top waiver wire priority for most of this period, which did me very little good as most of the talent was drained from the free agent pool already, and the players I was picking up were either one-game wonders, or had already lit up and burned out by the time I got to them. I was feeling pretty demoralized and pondering a rage quit.

Since then I am 6-1, my margin of victory seems to be growing every week with victory margins of 25, 43, and 71 points in the past three weeks. A couple of the guys I drafted have turned it around in a big way just as I was ready to give up on them. I picked up Cecil Shorts in week 7 and he has been OUTSTANDING, and it seems like a couple of my guys have unexpectedly huge nights every week now.

With a 4 game winning streak coming into this week, I am facing my leagues #1 team.

And as of this moment I am leading 127-72 with both of us having one player to go on monday night. And if my guy has a big night and his has nothing, I could have a margin of victory even bigger than last week's total, and come away with my leagues biggest blowout award two weeks in a row.

So the message here is don't give up no matter how bad the season starts. Things can turn around in a hurry.

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