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12-02-2012, 11:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
Didn't see the Merle betrayal coming at all..although in hindsight it makes sense. I expect there to be some kind of fight to the death or something with only one of the brothers surviving.

I also think the glass incident was simply to make the Governor look more badass(scar in his eye? eyepatch?)

There will be a lot to look forward to next season, that's for sure.
Actually, I was talking about this 2-pound burrito I had for dinner. But yeah, that episode was pretty good too. Correct me if I'm wrong but Governor has his eye like that in the comics? I should not talk about the comics I don't read them regularly but I do use ****** and see some things and I recall seeing the eye injury before? Maybe it was Evil Malhotra? I got nothing.

The Merle betrayal had to happen, either they let Darryl go and take the chance he comes back and ravages them again or they lock him up like Glenn and Maggie, which I have a feeling Merle wouldn't like too much and the Governor knows Merle can overthrow him which is why he needed to blind-side him while he still could or have him become another problem. Kinda mad Andrea was a delusional *****, wish she could have just trusted Michonne and let her kill the Governor. Though I think she'll start to see the Governor's evil ways next half-season.

I have to say though, I liked Tyreese. I can see his group having a coalition with Rick's and kicking ass.

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