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12-02-2012, 11:04 PM
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Originally Posted by forthewild View Post
Vikings needed two scores and their best option was to NOT give the ball to the guy who's been beating them all day.

yes odds this odds that, at the end of it it was a bad performance from everyone except 28
Didn't really acknowledge this in the other post but:

Even after taking away AP's 23, 48, and 82 yard runs, he averaged 3.2 yards per carry. On 4th and 3, you still can put the ball into AP's hands instead of Ponder's. Alternatively to all of this, why not run a fake field goal? Those plays generally earn either 5-7 yards or are a touchdown unless they're completely botched. There's plenty of options in this scenario, but Frazier chose the one that makes it most likely he can say "the Packers only beat us by one score" at the end of the year when he's trying to convince the team to keep him as coach.

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