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12-02-2012, 11:26 PM
Everyone! PANIC!
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Ponder looked good in the first few games but then he's regressed horribly in the past 4 games or so. He played some weak teams (Colts, Jaguars, 49ers, Lions, Titans, Redskins) but the last 4 or so games he's regressed and I think partly that's because Harvin isn't there.

But he did hang 352 yards on the Redskins, 251 yards on Tampa.

He has more yards throwing than Cutler (missed one game) and Wilson (rookie).

He has less interceptions than Cutler and as many touchdowns with worse receivers. He has more touchdowns than Newton.

He has put up some bad games like today, he's put up some good games like against the 49ers.

Now; QBs in the past 5 years have been pretty bad in the 1st round.

JaMarcus Russell
Brady Quinn

Matt Ryan
Joe Flacco
(Good picks)

Matthew Stafford
Mark Sanchez
Josh Freeman

Sam Bradford
Tim Tebow

Cam Newton
Jake Locker
Blaine Gabbert
Christian Ponder
(Double Ick)

I want to see how Ponder responds to this season. I wouldn't mind taking another QB in this year's draft (though this year the QBs look tremendously bad) and provide better competition. Now I think Ponder might have been placed in a better situation with better coaching but I still think he could end up like Alex Smith in someways and hopefully not like Joey Harrington.

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