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12-09-2003, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Ghost # 1
Hainsey has EARNED his role. He has outplayed Bouillon in every statistical catergory to date, and did so on the day he was sent down. As much as you can state Bouillon does these little things... It's the coaches job to explain what he wants out of his defenders. Hainsey, a prospect should be taught at the highest level he is competent to play in. You may say statistics may not mean a thing... But however, I must say that When some one is better in every catergory, then there is an obvious point that comes to mind... He's better. Hainsey playing 'tentative' defence may simply be that, or it may be in the viewing of him. For example, Mats Sundin looks slow on the television or on the ice... However, NHL defencemen say he's deceptive in that he comes flying much faster than anticipated. Jus like some 'lazy' skaters like Dagenais... creates a 'label' on them that they are lazy... It's simply not true.
As others will state, if Hainsey is not given the oppurtunity to fix his mistakes at this level, how do we expect him to achieve what we all want from him? By sending him down to the AHL to play with the second tier of players in North America? It's the wrong move. Guys being thrown in to the fire make-or-break it in the NHL, but a 21 year old who is showing that he is good enough to play defence in the NHL, on our club (when the spot is not suitably filled) should be given the oppurtunity to do so.
Bouillon may have some fire in his belly at times, but I have seen him cost points as well... Due to lack of size, real NHL intelligence, etc. He has not added enough to warrant his position over Hainseys at this point.

Hainsey did not outplay Bouillon at all, far from it. He had many defensive errors that we're basic and did boneheaded plays in his own zone. Ever notice how much problems he had doing a transition pass? Any kind of forecheck on him would result on a giveway, these are basic things that make NHLers good or bad, he still has some things to adjust in the AHL.

Bouillon brings grit, intensity, checking and reliable defense for a 6th defensemen, theres no reason to get him outta there. He's been playing very well for a guy who's not supposed to be in this league and right now, I don't want to see Hainsey mess up once more.

BTW, this is a guy who really likes watching Hainsey but we have to keep an objective view. Lets try to ice our 19 best players. Hainsey, right now, isn't one of them and will likely need a few months before being able to play adequatly at the NHL level. He still has problems adjusting to speed and he has a lot of brain cramps in his own zone.

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