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12-02-2012, 11:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Dr Jan Itor View Post
Of course he wasn't standing in front of him the entire time. He made a play on the ball while it was in the air, which has to considered when Ponder threw it. He was obviously close enough to make a play on the ball.
Your claim was that Jenkins was covered. He wasn't covered because if the ball had been thrown within a range where Jenkins could have possibly reached it, Burnett would not have been able to reach it. If you're standing 50 feet away from me, and someone else throws a ball so poorly to me that it goes to you, that doesn't somehow make me covered. Simpson was open on two routes down the sideline that Ponder missed, but both throws ended up hitting the DB in the back because of how desperately they were underthrown. That doesn't make Simpson covered.

Originally Posted by Dr Jan Itor View Post
And when you are throwing on the run, across the body, the accuracy of an already inaccurate quarterback drops dramatically. The inaccurate pass stems from the poor decision to even attempt it in the first place.

Disagree. Less than 5 would result in a TD; probably 20-25 in an INT.
An "inaccurate pass" has an equal likelihood of being inaccurate in any direction (otherwise adjustments would be made to correct for that inaccuracy). There's only two directions (out of nine) where the pass could be inaccurate in where an interception is even possible. Factor in the fact that not all of those potential interceptions will be completed and you're down around 10% or lower likelihood of an interception.

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