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I'm an excellent skater. I have very solid speed, but its my edge work, lateral mobility, balance and first steps that are really my greatest strengths. All of my puck skills are very average, as is my offensive IQ when the puck isn't on my stick; I'm not good at getting open or anticipating my teammates moves. On defense, my play without the puck is much, much better. I have a very strong ability to get in passing/shooting lanes, a good stick defensively and the speed/awareness to recover on most plays. I often lose the man on backdoor plays though; it's a big weakness. I'm hard to beat one-on-one though and block a lot of shots as well. I make a very good, calm first pass out of the zone and I love to carry the puck through the neutral zone. I can almost always gain the zone carrying the puck and most often I drive wide and shoot. I don't do this with much stick handling but rather speed, agility and good puck protection. I rarely "make moves" but instead make cuts as I skate, more like a running back.

I have a strong wrister and almost no slapshot to speak of. I miss just high a lot, but get very good velocity and pick corners fairly well. I have a lot of close misses. I am a very strong hitter along the boards but not a good open ice hitter. I am a beast in the corners, offensively and defensively; I will battle and work the puck out on anyone. Basically my skating, puck carrying through the neutral zone and strong play in the corners/along the boards are where I stand out. I'm solid defensively and average offensively. Most of points come off breakout passes or quick shots on the rush/rebounds. I crash the net okay because I'm strong and don't mind the physical game. My conditioning and strength are more strengths in my game than my passing or hands. I'm a hard worker, somewhat like Ryan Callahan as a d-man.

During my college career I was a useful checker who PK'd some and was responsible but unremarkable. I dressed for about 70% of our games in my 4 years.

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