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12-03-2012, 12:52 AM
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Originally Posted by pseudonymous01 View Post
Ive watched the games, i didn't notice much in the way of other flaws. Surely not flaws big enough to warrant a benching.

Care to share them with me, im sure alot of posters here are curious. We all watch the games. Most of us watch basically every game. For MANY years, so i think a large percent might be able to pinpoint the obvious reason if somebody was benched no? unless it was an attitude with the coach or other behind the scenes issues
Doesn't matter if their flaws are big or small, they should be held accountable. Even though some flaws may be small, they add up in the end and you want those bad habits to disappear, not reoccur game after game. If they're not consistently producing, they should be held accountable. You want Kassian to be in the Canucks top six someday? Well he going to have to learn he has to be more consistent. Getting a few chances or some shots isn't being consistent.

Benching Kassian and Schroeder is going to do nothing but piss them off, and that's exactly why coaches bench players. The AHL is where players like Kassian and Schroeder develop their game, not by constantly playing the same way with bad habits and flaws that will spill over into the NHL game that could ultimately see them healthy scratched for more then a game.

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