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Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
Wow, RSL is not that much of a threat on our playoff hopes anymore. Espinolda would pf been a perfect fit for us.

Anybody read the Hainault rumor? Apparently Houston will get rid of him now that he's not a starter anymore. Come home where you belong buddy, and goodbye Rivas..
Yes the rumor is saying that they are suppose to not renew is contract.

I think he is not in their starting line up as a CB. So for the salary he would command as a sub don't think it would worth it for them. Especially if he take up a international slot for them since Canadian counts as international players for US teams.

As for him coming here he can play as CB and RB.

We could put Camara as DM instead or Warner, this way we have more depth midfield, something we don't really have that much. So we could use Hainault and Valentin as RB.

If guys like Rivas, Nesta or Ferrari can't play we would have good alternative in Camara, Hainault, Ouimette,
The versatility of Camara and Hainault could be useful.

Gives you the possibility to play easily with 3 CB too and not have to worry about missing one of our starting CB.

We could Let go Rivas or Camara too and free up a international slot too.

At the same time its not like we have to get him.

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