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Originally Posted by Clowe Me View Post
How is Smith the best guy to help the team win? With a competent kicker, Kaepernick's record would be 3-0 as starter.

Playoff experience is irrelevent. Smith had none before last season. I don't think he's a much better qb because of it or that he has to be the guy starting those games. Kaepernick has the ability to make better throws, scramble out of sacks, and tuck the ball and run for tons of yards. To me, that makes him the better qb and the guy who can really hep the team win now.
3-0 as a starter where in two games, he hasn't done any better than Smith. Yes, he has potential to be better than Smith. He is not now and that's the point. He had that game against Chicago where he looked great and has been average with flashes since. You want to talk about conceivable records then you could say that the 49ers would have been in the Super Bowl if it wasn't for a kick returner with Smith in charge. His record the two seasons under Harbaugh is more impressive than a conceivable 3-0 where he didn't look any better than Smith had in two of those three games.

As for the experience argument, there's a vast difference between a young player who has limited in-game experience going into the world of the playoffs and a player that may not have playoff experience himself but has had many years of regular season experience to fall back on. Kaepernick has neither and his being green is showing more and more as teams figure him out. He's not the guy to go to yet for the rest of the year or beyond.

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