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Originally Posted by source View Post
" HFBoards history"
Good point but anyone knows when HF Boards started? 2002 or something like that?

Originally Posted by The King of Town View Post
I'm not sure half the people on here existed when Daigle was a prospect.
Great, it makes me old

Originally Posted by ReginKarlssonLehner View Post
What about Shawn Weller who remembers him, looooooool. Guy was supposed to be our Gary Roberts.
wow, where did you find that? I remember, I was once was excited about him, probably just a few weeks

Originally Posted by John Holmes View Post
As for Daigle, he's wasn't a bust at all. He was ruined by the clowns that ran the team back in the beginning.

616 GP, 129 G, 198 A, 327 PTS, 186 PIM

Those aren't "bust" numbers. Three 20 G & 50 PTS seasons.

He was billed as the second coming of Mario with a mean streak. He was a young kid that walked into a god-awful situation. A team with guys that belonged in the MRSHL, paid a boatload of money and basically fed to the lions.

There is a reason that Ottawa has been super conscious of the way they handle young players since.
I don't think anyone said that Daigle was a bust. He was a good NHL player but certainly didn't met expectations who were crazy high for him... That's what happens when you get drafted 1st overall
Originally Posted by DJB View Post
He played half decently riding Spezza's coattails for 5 games nearly 3 years ago. Done nothing since.
Not getting into a debate about Peter Regin since it's been beaten to death, but he did produce fairly well in all his NHL career when he wasn't playing on the 4th line with scrubs. Everytime he had skilled linemates with a bit of hockey sense, he produced. I've got a lot of evidence in older threads talking about Regin

You are evidently somewhat biased against him, for some reason. He's a quality hockey player. Health (and Clouston) has been his only problem. If he was an option in this poll, you'd probably be the only one to vote him


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