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12-03-2012, 01:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post

1)Do not understand that the NHL had to hand over the exact same amount of compensation to the players NO MATTER WHAT under the old CBA.

Think about this. It did not matter if every single team was at the floor (a minimum by the way, which FORCED teams to spend). Let's say the league did that. Every single team is at the floor. The cap is calculated so that the mid-point is the projection for the players percentage. IE, the projection that if every team spent exactly the mid-point, the players would get 57%. Now in our little thought game, every single team does not spend a cent above the floor. Now what happens is that at the end of the season, the league and PA tally the money up. Let's say projections were bang on. Oh no, the league only paid out 48-50% whatever, but it's clearly going to be below 57%. The league was then REQUIRED BY THE CBA to cut a check to each player proportional to what they made (as in Kopitar gets more than Westgarth by percentage) so that the players got their 57%. The league WAS FORCED BY THE CBA to spend money. It wasn't the owners or the GM's not controlling themselves, it was BUILT RIGHT INTO THE CBA.

2)We've been over this. League has already agreed to the PA's revenue sharing plan (well ok 95%, if you want to harp on that small difference that remains fine, it but it amounts to very little). This is being improved upon.

The real issue behind this is that both sides are too bogged down in numbers to see the forest through the trees. They are so concerning with cents, they are watching dollars slip away. Both sides need to wake up and smell the coffee. BOTH SIDES.
This is what I was getting at in my post(you explain it so much better).

The Owners don't set player value.... The Market, Agent, Player, CBA does.

So lets stop with this it's all the owners fault they spent money. The players didn't lose big in 2004/05. In exchange for the cap, they still got some favorable conditions.

Would the NHLPA like to move to non guaranteed contracts like the NFL ? I bet the owners would give up the whole 50/50 for just that one concession.

So lets also stop acting like the players got railed last time. In the grand scheme of things, the players gave up very little.

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