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Originally Posted by bluesfan94 View Post
Would you like to look at the list of some of the Calder trophy winners? Raycroft, Mason, etc.

He was also 16 for half of the season. 16! Landeskog played 3 games in the SEL as a 16 year old, before moving to the OHL.
Raycroft and Mason won the award fair and square against some legit competition, espescially Mason. Guys who won rookie of the year in KHL, did it because there was not much to choose from.

What's etc btw? 3rd worst ROTY since Makarov-rule is probably Berard who had his career ruined by an accident.

You're confusing the meaning of award once again. Draft system doesn't really work in KHL and really good players like Kuznetsov and Tarasenko start at really young age when they can't win the award.

Now, you're wrong on the 2nd part of your post. Tarasenko started in 2008-09 season. Landeskog played his 3 games for Djurgarden in the same 2008-09 season. They are in the same position, both are late-borns, but Tarasenko is 1 year older. So, Tarasenko started playing against men 1 year prior to the draft and Landeskog 2 years prior to the draft.

Tarasenko's start 1 year before the draft is impressive, but nothing new really. Espescially since he is late-born, and was one of the oldest 2010 draft prospects. I can list you many euros who did that.

Now 2 years before the draft is rare indeed. Landeskog was like the youngest player ever in SEL.

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