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12-03-2012, 01:24 AM
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Originally Posted by David Krejci View Post
Any of you guys face some idiot named "Animal Steel" I think he had a 19 at the end of his gamertag, too. I was up 2-0, and he just lets go of the controller, and because this game is moronic, it's harder to get the puck from someone who literally isn't doing anything, than it is when they're trying to avoid you, so of course I end up taking a penalty. I score shorthanded because he's trash, and he starts playing keep away.

I don't play like a dick until the other person does, and when they start doing stuff like that, it's game on. So I finally get the puck back after like literally 3 minutes of him skating in circles/passing behind his own net (I was in trap mode at this point), I did the same thing. Played keepaway, and when he overcommitted, scored on a breakaway. Watched every second of the replay, did this for the rest of the game, ended up winning 7-0.

Except with 2 seconds left, the game starts looping, he pauses it, and a message comes up saying the game won't count. I just sent him a message saying "lol". Pretty sure he ip booted me or something, I've never in almost 300 games played, seen a game loop with 2 seconds left, only at the very beginning of the game. Anywhere to report this guy for tampering, other than through the Dashboard, which I'm pretty sure doesn't do anything at all?

He had all the cheese guys, Grabner, Havlat, Marleau, J-Bo, etc. Felt good, man.
they say that every case gets looked at, but I really have my doubts. I would just report him on that, nothing more you can do.

Anyone every played someone named "Steve Ott x29" I believe his gamer tag was? He is the biggest idiot in the world. He just joins EASHL drop in games and tries to personify Steve Ott by just chirping everyone in the room and making them wait the full 3 minutes for the game to start. And he actually says he is going to kill people and goes pretty overboard. Then when the game starts he just head hunts til he gets a penalty then leaves

He had an account here for a little while but got banned, no surprise. Hes just a huge tool. Ive reported him before, and Im sure a million other people have too, yet he is still around

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