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12-03-2012, 02:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Jevo View Post
This discussion reminds me of most of my interactions with Canadians when the subject of taxes arises, and I mention the Danish high Danish tax levels, like 25% sales tax and 60% income tax on income over 67.000 CAD. After the initial shock most people asks "so what do you get for that?". I usually responds something along the lines of, "well, for one I don't have to pay tuition ever, and the government pays about 950 dollars a month just to study." Most peoples reaction, maybe because they are students or recent graduates, are somewhere along the lines of, "I could use that". Seeing people get shocked over the tax numbers, and then trying to wrap their heads around getting paid to study is always mildly amusing.
It really is quite a foreign system for us. But in the end it still bites you because you still have to pay that tax after you are done post-secondary right? Which would be for 50 years of paying off 4-6 years of education. So, pretty much like our student loans.

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