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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
right, so a team that played much less defensive hockey than current teams. Contextually, he was at a disadvantage to Fleury because his teams did not play nearly as strong defense as the majority of teams Fleury has played behind. Comparing his stats to current Brent Johnson or Fleury stats doesn't make sense. The context is too different. The average goals per game was over an extra goal per game in the early 90s compared to what it has been recently. When scoring in the league went down, Barrasso was able to put up a season of .922 sv% and 2.07 gaa for us.

In 91, Barrasso was 2nd in the league for playoff save percentage , 1st for playoff goals against average and 1st for saves. Despite playing in 3 less games, he still saw 58 more shots than the next goalie.

In 92 he was still first in saves and 4th in sv%. Not in the top 5 for GAA and I don't care enough to search somewhere else. He saw 142 shots more than the next closest goalie.

Implying that the team in front of him actually helped his stats is completely ridiculous. The context is that he was playing behind a pure run and gun offense.
Implying that any Patrick-era team had a defense...

Barrasso is one of the biggest reasons why the early 90s teams won two Cups while the mid-90s teams won none. Kenny Wregget was my favorite player growing up (I was a goalie and Barrasso wasn't exactly a role model), but nobody is winning a Stanley Cup behind Kenny Wregget as their starter. Barrasso's injuries just mounted up too high and he wasn't able to be the goalie he was earlier. Like him or hate his guts, the guy was a damn good goalie for the era he played in. He was our Grant Fuhr. He made the saves he had to make and played some of his best hockey in the most important games. You can say the same of Fleury in 2008 and 2009, but Barrasso did it longer and more consistently. I hope Fleury will take that title from Barrasso some day, but he hasn't yet.

And comparing goaltending stats from the 80s/early 90s to modern day is almost insulting. I think it's safe to say Rob Brown isn't scoring 115 points in 68 games in today's NHL, so why are we comparing GAAs?

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