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Originally Posted by VinnyC View Post
Assuming three courses and enough studying time to secure an A in each of them, that's 20 hours per week. Then 5 hours spent on commuting (very high estimate). Let's also exaggerate sleeping time, 9 hours per day so 45 hours.

That leaves a person about... 50 hours of awake time, most likely with no sleeping problems, not worrying about studying at any other time (except midterms/finals) and considering a lengthy commute. Plus the whole weekend.

You're telling me a regular person can't be assed to work even ten hours per week? Even a student taking three quantum physics courses would be able to find some time for a bit of labor.

And mind you, two UVic students at a coffee shop? I don't usually judge people with such little information, I have a feeling their parents out in the mainland who pay their tuition are worried about their future.
Numbers like these don't apply to everyone. There are always things that you have to take into consideration with each person. I'm not going to judge anyone less/more just because they feel they can't handle 3 classes. Also I'm not making excuses for anyone. Some people are lazy as ****.

Anyways, just my stance. Time to watch Walking Dead.

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