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12-03-2012, 02:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
Don't bother trying to figure out who's up. As of yesterday afternoon, every remaining pick has been skipped. Feel free to send PMs to everybody to let them know they can finish their rosters.

As for us, we'll use our final skipped pick to select D/W Bert McCaffrey. He was a 2 x Allen Cup winner, an Olympic Gold medalist, and a Stanley Cup champion.

283 seventieslord & Dreakmur - Regina Pat Canadians – Picked at 8:16 on the 29th
284 Hedberg - Fort Saskatchewan Traders – 12:16 on the 30th
285 jkrx & Hobnobs - Sheffield Steelers - 4:16
286 tarheelhockey - Macon Whoopee – 8:16
287 BudsBuster - Birmingham Barracudas – 12:16
288 Mike Farkas - Buffalo Mugwumps – 4:16

289 Mike Farkas - Buffalo Mugwumps - auto
290 BudsBuster - Birmingham Barracudas - auto
291 tarheelhockey - Macon Whoopee - auto
292 jkrx & Hobnobs - Sheffield Steelers - auto
293 Hedberg - Fort Saskatchewan Traders - auto
294 seventieslord & Dreakmur - Regina Pat Canadians – 8:16
295 tony d - St. John's Monsters – 12:16 on the 1st
296 Bring Back Scuderi - Pittsburgh Professionals – 4:16
297 chaosrevolver - Belleville Bulls – 8:16
298 Velociraptor - Utah Grizzlies – 12:16
299 Johnny Engine - St. John's Ice Caps – 4:16
300 BillyShoe1721 - EHC Eisbären Berlin -8:16 PM
thanks for sorting that out. without doing the math, I was pretty sure it was going to get to this point by the end of my vacation. I have messaged the six GMs who have a combined 10 missed picks.

as for McCaffrey - like Harry Watson, he outscored Hooley Smith at the 1924 Olympics from the right wing. He also finished 13th in 1925 Hart voting as a winger. and he won two cups, not just one - he just didn't play in the 1931 playoffs.

I love McCaffrey here because he's the only player in the draft (correct me if I'm wrong) who was legitimately good as a forward and a defenseman, making him not just a passable fill-in, but a great one:

As a forward:
- put up 94 points in 77 games in the OHA and earned two first team all-star spots (Harry Watson had 131 in 72)
- scored buckets of points at the 1924 olympics with his linemates Smith and Watson
- placed 19th and 13th in the NHL in points (percentage scores 38 & 58)
- was 13th in hart voting in 1926

As a defenseman:
- was an OHA 2nd team all-star in 1921
- played 5 NHL seasons from age 33-37
- earned defense percentage scores of 65 and 53% in his best two seasons
- in the 1928 and 1930 seasons, he was traded to and from Pittsburgh. they had a record of 31-49-15 (.405) with him, and 2-31-4 (.108) before acquiring him and after losing him.
- contributed to 2 Montreal stanley cups (1930, 1931)
- was the oldest full time player in the NHL when he retired

the "going rate" for a good pre-expansion defenseman right now seems to be in the 8-year range for NHL careers. In McCaffrey's case, he lasted 7 in the NHL, all in his 30s, though not all as a defenseman. But five years before joining the NHL he was an all-star defenseman in the OHA so it's quite likely he was an NHL caliber player, whether at forward or defense, or both, for a period that dates back to before there was even an NHL.

interesting stat: in his first 6 NHL seasons (1925-1930), he missed just 4 games, and led the NHL in games throughout this time. This demonstrates durability, but more importantly, that even as he aged, he was a contributing player who wasn't being shuffled in and out of the lineup.

Here's last year's mini-bio:

I do wish I knew more about how he played, though. Aside from a 1927 quote about him being one of the game's best skaters, I have nothing on him.

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