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12-03-2012, 03:17 AM
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Originally Posted by HockeyCA View Post
YES. That is my point. Why would a league owner hand over hundreds of millions of dollars in new contracts, if they believed their business was in such terrible shape. I wouldn't do that. Would you? I think I made that point pretty clear in my previous response.

Second. You cannot say the NHL has never made a proposal with a salary rollback because the proposal which contained a salary rollback doesn't count. What was it then? This a multi-billion dollar industry, every proposal counts. Although I would agree with you, they made what even they knew to be just an absurd opening offer, but that doesn't change the fact that they offered it; and I would argue that has derailed the talks from the outset. Instead of extending an olive branch to the union, after they got pretty much everything they wanted during the last CBA negotiations, they instead tried to make it clear from the outset that they were going for more.

The fact is, we currently have no NHL hockey for a couple reasons. First, the owners were unable to control themselves and their general managers, and allowed salaries to inflate to all time highs. Second, the owners who make all the money do not want to share with the owners who are in tough markets. So, they are trying to make that up by trying to squeeze every last drop out of the players', banking on the fact that the longer this goes, at some point they will cave in to all their demands. They do not care about the fans. They are assuming we will all magically forget after this is all over. Guess we will see about that.
AGAIN. There was no salary rollback in any of the proposals - not even the first (which was just a starting negotiation proposal).
There was only a salary CAP rollback with a different (befoe last CBA) definition of HRR definition ...

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