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12-03-2012, 03:59 AM
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Originally Posted by shureshot66 View Post
Man, that's depressing. Can't help but feel bad for those upperclassmen who are on their sixth head coach (Wanny, Haywood, Jackass, Chryst plus two interims) ... and now have to go to the same dumpy bowl in Birmingham for a *third* straight year. That ain't right.
Better than going to nothing, I guess.

To be fair, how many fans travel to non-BCS Bowls? Actually, how many fans travel to non-Championship games? We've seen numerous instances of ticket sales, even in BCS bowls, being way below expectations.

Why the NCAA is so insistent on keeping the 'sure money' that attracts nothing but businessmen instead of actual fans and viewers I don't know. How hard is it to look to the FCS and see almost every game (as long as Villanova isn't in the playoffs) selling out before it becomes obvious that that route is better?

And I'm sorry, a 4 team playoff out of a 120+ team system isn't a real playoff. Schools like Montana and Appalachian State stuck around the FCS for as long as they have because the playoff system is more financially rewarding than the low-level bowls are...and that's with the NCAA collecting 75% of the gate receipts for each home playoff game.

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