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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
There will be a vote and believe me, I'd be very happy with no trading after the nonsense that went on last time. But don't you think that if we make the following rules, it will cut back on the nonsense considerably?

1) You can make a maximum of 8 trades and trade a maximum of 25 assets over the course of the draft.
2) If you have 3 vetoed trades, you can't trade anymore for the rest of the draft.
I don't know , 8 trades seems like such a high number that it's in ''might as well just don't have any limit'' territory.It would also be annoying to calculate how many trades people made.

Allowing trades BEFORE the draft is pointless , for trades to be relevant you have to see the picture of the draft appearing in front of your eyes.

One thing is sure , trades can be fun and useful for a GM , I know my team got better last year because of them , but it can also becomes a pain in the ass in the hand of a unreasonable person.

Finally , I would suggest 5 trades maximum , keep the 3 vetoed rule but be prepare to the possibility of losing a GM because of egos if it happens , 16 assets total.

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