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Originally Posted by impudent_lowlife View Post
It is amazing how many apologists for the plutocracy there are.

As an aside, I own my own business and wages take approx. 20% of revenues.
Yeah I too don't give a **** about the owners either, but it looks like at wages 20% you're pulling some massive low wage ****.

Let me guess: Must be food and beverage, Branded for tourists and Americans who want a burger, with very high rent. The Hong Kong model: Pay the landlord, not the staff. You in Asia by any chance? The flag says you are, but in Japan.

Only way you do that in Japan is you run a Hard Rock cafe, and you hire Philipinas as wait staff. Cus no Japanese are gonna wait tables at Hard Rock. Surprised your staff are getting visas in Japan.

Bet I'm not far off though. Or then again, maybe I'm talking ****.

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