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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
But you see, the NHL will never go to Geoff Molson and say "hey, you make too much money, you need to give us some so we can bail out the other teams" because at the end of the day, the owners are not a single group, but rather 30 competing and seperate businesses. Sure, they claim to "revenue share" even though the NHL's concept of revenue sharing is not even remotely close to what other leagues have in place.
Sorry to pick out a single piece in an argument, but this false assumption always bothers me when I see it. While the 30 NHL teams compete with each other on the ice, they are part of a single business entity known as the NHL, and are 30 franchises within that entity. The Chicago Blackhawks business competition is not the Detroit Red Wings -- it's the Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, and Chicago Bears (plus whatever other area entertainment competition you want to lump in there).

The NFL has the right idea. Their revenue sharing plan ensures that every franchise makes money and keeps the entire business entity strong. It's the reason that one of its franchises can thrive in such a small market as Green Bay. Of course, there is a lot more revenue to go around in the NFL compared with the NHL, so there are other factors as to whether the NHL can survive in small hockey markets like Phoenix. However, the basic concept of who the business competition is doesn't change.

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