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Originally Posted by impudent_lowlife View Post
It is amazing how many apologists for the plutocracy there are.

As an aside, I own my own business and wages take approx. 20% of revenues. The difference in skill level between my employees and NHL players is extreme.

I firmly believe that the NHL needs a revenue sharing plan as follows:
  • Broadcast revenue is shared equally among all teams.
  • Revenue from licensing deals - everything from jerseys to posters to team-logo beer coolers - is also shared evenly among all teams.
  • Gate revenue is split where the home team keeps 60 percent for each game, while the visiting team gets 40 percent.
On the third point, Habs gets 40 % of 400K when in Phoenix, and Phoenix get 40% of 1.8 Mill when in Montreal?

Habs gate receipts are likely four times that of each of the bottom 10 teams in the league, and two times that of each of the next ten teams. You think they'll give that money away?

Extreme example yes, but it means the top 10 teams in home revenue lose their shirts vs the bottom 10 teams. Will not happen. An 80-20 split maybe.

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