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12-03-2012, 08:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Dr Quincy View Post
It's a fact that Krejci lead the NHL in playoff scoring in 2011.

It's an opinion that such a feat has some sort of future predictive value. Even assuming that it does, the amount of value it has here is being vastly overestimated. This doesn't mean it wasn't great in 2011... it was. But again, Claude Lemieux lead the NHL in playoff scoring one year and Neely never did. Please .raise your hand if you are a Bruins fan, and at any time pre-injury you would have traded Neely for Lemieux.
Exactly. I didn't think so. So let's stop pretending that Krejci's run in '11 is an argument ender. It isn't.

And the idea, because of that run, that Krejci "raises the level of his play when it counts" is being over-estimated as well.

Let's look at last year's playoffs.

First 4 games Krejci goes pointless with a -1.

Game 5 a secondary assist on a Seidenberg goal in a 3-2 loss.

Game 6 a ppg and a secondary assist on the game winner. Good game for him... but he's not even the 3rd star, and Backman is the 2nd star in that game.

Game 7.. pointless, 33% on faceoffs (Backstrom is 52% in the game). Has 1 shot on net, 1 give away and 1 take away.

He was a .45 pt per game player in the playoffs, he was 44% faceoffs in the series and he was 33% on shorthanded faceoffs.

Backstrom outplayed him in that series... not by a ton, but he did outplay him.

Now to be clear, again, none of that takes away what he did in 2011, but it just shows you that such a run has no predictive value for future seasons. Yes he was very good in the 2011 playoffs, but he was almost non-existent last year. A player's post season stats will fluctuate much more than their regular season stats so putting too much emphasis on one small sample is foolish.
The point I raised in regards to Krejci & Backstroms playoff stats has less to do with "Krejci leading the playoffs in scoring", than it did to show that their playoff stats are very comparible (as in almost exact). It is easier to compare the two, as they are close in age, entered the league around the same time, have played almost the same amount of playoff games, are both their respective teams top line center. & stats show that Krejci & Backstrom have identical PPG% in the playoffs thus far in their careers. That is not me saying Krejci is better than Backstrom overall.

Im not quite sure why you continue to bring up Claude Lemieux & Neely, unless ofcourse you are pushing the "Krejci led the playoffs" agenda.

Claude Lemieux played in 234 playoff games, 158pts. = 0.67 PPG

Cam Neely played in 93 playoff games, 89pts. = 0.96 PPG

So again, Im not sure where exactly you are drawing a comparison..?

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