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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Last week it was on the WR's who were dropping balls that Ponder threw well. This week it's all on Ponder. Look at the throws he made to both Peterson and Gerhart when they went deep...underthrown by several yards. First interception was a bad decision and throw...he needed to put it to the outside, not the inside. Second interception was a hesitation on his part which gave enough time for the defender to cut and make the catch. Not to mention the bad mechanics and staring down receivers again.

There's two things that bug me that get thrown around a lot:

1. Why bother putting in Webb because he's clearly not the answer at QB. Well, we don't know that, and Webb probably is not the answer at that position, but we've seen enough close games that by not turning the ball over could have been W's. Not to mention the goal is to win games, not to make one player feel better.

2. We have six wins on the season, therefore it's a success. Bad thinking. We were going into the season really with two aims: first to identify what holes still exist and need to be fixed, and second to evaluate Christian Ponder as a QB. Well it's pretty clear the guy is in over his head.

Watching guys like Rodgers, Cutler, and even you just miss having a guy who slings the ball.
This week like last it was on WR again, Simpson cannot catch a ball to save his life, Jenkins isn't much better and Wright is just too inexperienced to be the go to guy. The whole game it was WR who couldn't beat man coverage.

Ponder did throw some bad balls, but what do you do when you have no WR? Ponder was trying to force the ball too much and his WR are not the type to play up to that, the only guy who does that is injured.

First we need to get some good WR in addition to Harvin, give Ponder some options to throw to. Then we need to address the o-line a bit more, still leaky. then ponder is going to get a fair evaluation.

From his end tho, he needs to be more calm, and learn to throw it away rather then try to force it.

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