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12-03-2012, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by patty59 View Post
I've never been more serious. Every single player overseas right now, is not helping with getting a deal done. Even our beloved Bergeron. You ask what one player could do? Maybe provide some leadership?

Or hey, maybe someone else will do it. That seems to be working just fine.
Sorry, I just think that is criticism for the sake of it.

The league has TONS of players in the States and in Canada able to "exert pressure" or provide "leadership". There is no reason to think that adding another 100 to the 400-500 players would improve this situation. In fact, I think the number of players overseas almost increases the chances of some splintering within the PA, which might lead to a deal even sooner.

Moreover, the players hired Fehr as their leadership. And they have a leadership board. these guys aren't Teamsters. they don't need to take turns holding picket signs. They need to prepare themselves to ply their trade if/when the deal gets settled.

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