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12-03-2012, 09:51 AM
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Originally Posted by CalderKing21 View Post
it would be ridiculous if the sport was basketball and dual assists weren't counted. but a primary and secondary is a legit term to use.
the primary assist is like a save, the secondary is like a hold in baseball.
I don't know crap about basketball and I freely admit that but trust me, primary and secondary assists in hockey are terms that mean absolutely nothing (less than +/-) and IF it DID, you can bet that you'd be able to get the primary/secondary assists stats from and You can't because it's a worthless, meaningless stat because it implies that secondary assists are somehow 'less' valuable than primary ones.

I've shown why in my example but you can believe whatever you want to believe.

For me, labeling 'primary/secondary' assists is as ludicrous as that glowing puck thing they tried FOX about 15 years ago.

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