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12-03-2012, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by uiCk View Post
yea well, we are not talking about 1 team. we are talking about multiple teams. FLA x 2, dallas, carolina, phx, nsh .. those are teams who virtually have no market an no actual possible revenues. That's not including the teams who have to compete for a market and teams hit hard by mix of recession and already small market. by market i mean customers, and potential customers.
Their revenue sharing plan, and plans, are there to accommodate past mistakes of over expansion in the league.
At least Green Bay has a market.
I do not disagree that the NHL has expanded into markets where it cannot be successful, and needs to get out of those markets. Even the juggernaut NFL will abandon a market if it is not viable -- it will probably happen in Jacksonville. That does not invalidate my comments on who the league's business competition is, though. The league needs a revenue sharing plan that ensures that every valid hockey market can be competitive, both on the ice and in the business ledger. The NHL already went through a period of following Major League Baseball's model of "big market / big spending teams win", and I would hate to see it get back to that point again.

IMO, it is never in a league's best interest to have the majority of its franchises having virtually no chance of winning. That is one reason I no longer follow baseball or the NBA.

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