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12-03-2012, 10:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
His WR's have nothing to do with his poor mechanics, lack of power, and bad decision making.
Ponder's deficiencies are made so clear only because of how awful his WR are. If a healthy Harvin had played this game, it's likely the Vikings would have won. Yes, they would have been winning despite Ponder, but the point is that Ponder is only a small part of the problem. But there's the decision making claim again. The only "bad decision" people seem able to lay on him from the last game is a contestable play that people would be praising if the throw had been accurate. He had a ton of awful throws, but wasn't making these bad decisions people keep ragging on. Rodgers made more bad decisions than Ponder did this game (interception on the trick play should have never ever ever been thrown and not taking the sack on another play risked losing 20+ yards [instead of around 5] and put Rodgers in a very very risky position where he was lucky not to be seriously injured).

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