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Originally Posted by sobrien View Post
Yes to Wedge's ceiling. No to getting "lit up" a sense. Statistically he got lit up, but he still played decently enough. As previously mentioned, he's getting minimal help from the defense. There seemed to be little question as to if he was going to get pulled for Niko...they were sticking with Wedge through and through. The fact that that's "OK" on a Flyers affiliate?...fill in the blanks for Niko.
Well it is the Flyers and NJ's affiliate. I imagine the coach just tries to do what he thinks is best for the team to win and ignore who has a contract with which team, which would be the fair and sensible option.

edit-Oh, and since people were talking about Alabama-Huntsville the Flyers/Phantoms have actually had two players from their hockey program that I know of, Scott Munroe and Jared Ross. I recall reading that the team was actually going to shut down this season or perhaps after this season?

edit- Yup it was going to become a club team, or it did temporarily.

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