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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Youre certainly right about that, but am I the one jumping to conclusions? Calling him a "****** person" inside and outside of the board room?

As chairman of the Board of Governors, he at least partially represents every team in this league. His job it to be relentless on their behalf as well.

Maybe he is an ******* -- but Im not going to jump to that conclusion because hes doing his job.
And only partially it is. What about the big owners such as Dolan, Snider, Burkle, Moulson, (Leafs owner slipping my mind), etc.? He certainly isn't representing their interests. After the last lockout, I understood it. There was a need for a change. The cap was necessary. And all the owners were on board. There is a division this time. The game made $3.3 billion last year. And now were gona stop the progress? It's asinine. Those big teams have money to be made. Ok so the lower market teams need help. Compromise with a system that helps those teams. But don't ask for every single concession to be on the part of the players. The league expanded into too many markets, not the players. If Bettman and the owners want health and stability then they should be just as giving as they want the players to be. The owners can't even agree to honor the contracts THEY handed out let alone move onto other issues/decisions such as revenue sharing, HRR, contract terms, etc. And it is because of guys like Jacobs.

I understand labor negotiations are a process, but to be at this point with no real progress is ridiculous considering a lot of owners are not on board with the lockout, the league set a record setting revenue mark last year, and they are not fighting over implementing a cap this time.

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