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12-03-2012, 10:15 AM
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Absolutely right on Staal. He wasn't signing here again so silver linings FTW.

As for guys like Versteeg and Bolland (that EOL is worried about), there's not much chance they'll be in that meeting and the reason is, they're clueless on the technicalities involved. That and they've made divisive comments. They're just out there stirring up sentiment for the union because with their 10th grade education (AFAICT), it's all they're capable of doing. Based on my readings I think only about 35% of the league ever attended college for 2 years or more. The other group I think is filled with plenty of guys who never even graduated HS; they just went straight into competitive hockey at age 15 or 16 and that was the end of their education. Especially Canadian kids who have so many more leagues to choose from / more temptation to leave school early. Although there may be some law up there I'm unaware of that forces those kids to take classes in summer or something, so correct me (Canadians) if I'm wrong.

In short I would expect every player there to either be a wise old veteran of multiple lockouts, college educated, or both. Based on their education and presence at other times in this process I think Adams is a good bet as is Parros (Princeton), maybe Ryan Miller, probably Matt Moulson (Cornell), and maybe some of these other guys on this list but most are pretty young / not visible leaders. Of the young guys only Moulson has been visible.

Guys who attended BC, Michigan or Minnesota for 3 or 4 years should be considered too; those are all very good schools, presumably with good standards for athletes not in the football and basketball programs (i.e. they don't get a pass on academics because they're stars on the ice -- hockey doesn't bring enough money for that AFAIK).

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