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12-03-2012, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Whalers Fan View Post
I do not disagree that the NHL has expanded into markets where it cannot be successful, and needs to get out of those markets. Even the juggernaut NFL will abandon a market if it is not viable -- it will probably happen in Jacksonville. That does not invalidate my comments on who the league's business competition is, though. The league needs a revenue sharing plan that ensures that every valid hockey market can be competitive, both on the ice and in the business ledger. The NHL already went through a period of following Major League Baseball's model of "big market / big spending teams win", and I would hate to see it get back to that point again.

IMO, it is never in a league's best interest to have the majority of its franchises having virtually no chance of winning. That is one reason I no longer follow baseball or the NBA.
i'm all with you on the fact that there should be teams bailed out when need be to keep competitive league, more teams, more work.
But the league has to go deeper then just shifting revenue around, hoping for TOR and MTL to keep growing infinitely to cover the gap.

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