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12-03-2012, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by holyprime View Post
Goaltending tends to look terrible in any highlight reel (except its one about saves).

Maybe i'm too biased, but goaltending is actually one of our strengths, in the league as well as on international level (i'd say we'll see that when Corey Schneider starts playing) . What the league lacks is defensive depth, there's a much bigger gap between a teams top and bottom pair than in the NHL, SEL or KHL.
Bolded for truth, just like highlight reels for goalies can make them look like they are in the top percentage of Ratta... hrm... goalies.


Although goaltending in our league isn't outstanding, I'd consider it pretty solid. The biggest problem is located on D. The depth players are pretty terrible and (especially this season due to the higher talent level up front) often exposed. Add the facts, that most swiss teams tend to play a "run & gun"-kinda game and that the swiss defensemen tend to "forget" to clear the puck in front of the net, and you have an explanation for the "terrible swiss goaltenders".

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