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Originally Posted by Bob E View Post
It doesn't help that he's not producing points. At some point, Jets management will look to replace him with someone who can play well defensively AND produce points. That's just common sense.

Edit: warning, the following rant is slightly dated in terms of where the discussion is, i just caught got caught up now after posting.

Now 3 months into his AHL tenue, i'm sure there are no "trade Burmi" chants going on with Jets management, but they will want to produce some points soon. To say otherwise is crazy. Maybe he needs another year in the AHL, that's fine, but if Burmi is a 10 g scorer in the AHL or NHL, he'll be replaced. Fact of life.
Sorry bob, generally i agree with you but this really gets my goat.

58% of players drafted between 6th-10th overall NEVER post more then (or even) one 45 pt season.

So your right, maybe the jets should ship Burmi out for someone who can be defensive and produce. In that case we should also ship out Jim slater, and pretty much our entire bottom 6.

This logis leads to a general assumption is that 60% of every top 6-10 picks should get traded off their team. Why? Because their not living up to an expectation that isn't even realistic?

This is the main problem. YES burmi has sick hands. Yes he can be a puck control wiz. This does not mean offense is the only thing he can do. As stated a billion times in this thread he is already a very good 3rd line player. At where he was drafted, realistic expectations say that's par for the course.

I get that because of his hands and puck control it seems like he can become an offensive force and should be, but the reality is he's an outside shot to do that, and always has been.

one of our posters had a great analogy last year about getting mad at your cat for not fetching a stick. I think the same thing is happening here. I mean, yes, we can be dissapointed for him NOT being an offensive force, but the reality is the odds were always against him to succeed in that role, perhaps we should be more disappointed in ourselves for letting our over-exuberant expectations cloud our judgement?

How upset do you get when you lose betting black/red at roulette? you've got better odds of winning there then Burmi does of being an offensive force. Bemoan his production in the AHL all you want (i won't lie, i was hoping for progression as well), but he HAS shown to be a very efficient middle to bottom 6 player already. I had hoped the offense would improve as well, but it was less likely then the alternative, something most of seem to be oblivious to.

...sorry about the rant

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