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12-03-2012, 11:23 AM
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So, I was talking to my friend who works for the Flames online media team, and got some interesting information from him (Flames BOG Murray Edwards has been part of the Owners negotiation team).

According to him, back when the PA and NHL had their week of meetings, on the Friday the NHL thought that they were going to have a deal done. Unfortunately the PA came into that last meeting with a bunch of smaller issues that really set the tone of the negoatiations back and they haven't been able to gain traction since then.

Add that to all the noise from the media that the PA and Fehr have been using stalling tactics and making negotiations frustrating for the owners, I'm really starting to question whether or not Fehr is really trying to avoid another lost season (I have my doubts that Bettman is working hard enough to save the season as well).

So John Collins (NHL's COO) is reportedly considering leaving due to the lockout... that would be a HUGE loss for the NHL if that happens

John Collins in the guy behind the Winter Classic and 24/7. This would be a huge loss for the NHL, hopefully this will help Bettman get deal done.

BTW, my stance on this whole thing is that the NHL needs to come off restricting players contract rights and the NHLPA needs to come off their "make whole" provision. Once those things happen a deal will be made.

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