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Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss View Post
Jordan Staal: Just signed a 10 year, $60 million dollar deal to play with his brother in the top 6 of the Hurricanes. He's not going anywhere.

Jamie Benn: He's the 1C of the Stars in real life, and he's the Kings best LW in Bluth. He's as good a powerforward as you can get in NHL 13

Suter: Just signed a $100 million dolar deal to be the #1D for the Wild. The Wild made him (and Parise) a part of the Wild's identity in July. Not to mention, also really good in this game. He's as much a franchise Dman as Keith IMHO

Couture: 86 Overall, disgusting offense, really fast. He's a franchise player in San Jose to replace Thornton. Minnesota traded for him in Bluth to be his Franchise 1C. He's not going anywhere

Burns: 6'5" and skates like Keith, real life and Bluth. The Sharks would never trade him in real life

OEL: Arguably the best young Dman in the NHL. Crazy potential in NHL 13, he is absolutely the face of the Coyotes.

Bergeron: Why do i even need to explain this? Just won a Selke, won a cup, probably the 3rd best Faceoff man in the NHL. Really good speed and amazing two way play. The Bruins would never trade him. He's a franchise player now because the Blues traded for him to be a speedier 1C

Huberdeau: The Panther's best forward prospect, that franchise is relying on him to carry their offense. The Blue's aren't going to trade him as he's expected to be the same thing for them.

Bogosian: He's the jets #1 Dman. No reason at all to trade him

Franchise Players that have been traded before in Bluth are still Franchise players on their new teams
I meant that some of the franchise players on your list (Jordan Staal) have been traded before in real life. Some have been heavily rumored to move (Bobby Ryan was rumored to go to the Flyers, Brent Burns almost went to NJ at the draft last year)

I'd never trade Ilya Kovalchuk and I don't have the pieces to acquire a franchise player so if the rule sticks, it won't affect me, just pointing out some quirks

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