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Originally Posted by HockeyCrazed101 View Post
This isn't a bargaining session. It's a negotiation. A negotiation isn't specifically defined as giving something in return for asking for something. I agree that until the players feel that owners are giving them something in return for their give back, there won't be hockey, but I've seen the sentiment that 'this isn't a negotiation because there is no give back by the owners' far too often and it's incorrect.
During the last lockout, the players lost a full season (of wages) and accepted a 24% rollback and agreed to a hard salary cap system and in order to make that sacrifice they in turn earned/fought for current individual player rights they have now in UFA age, contract length etc. The final CBA agreement was viewed as a big win for the Owners to get cost certainty, and a few minor victories for the NHLPA as trade-offs.

The players this time aren't even demanding something in return for meeting at 50/50 HRR. The only thing the players are fighting for is honouring of existing contracts they've already signed (and Owners agreed to), and keeping their individual player rights AS IS now, with the exception of fixing the few that the Owners feel are cap circumventing deals. So players asking to keep it the same is hardly unreasonable considering they've agreed to become 50/50 partners in the business.

People expecting the NHLPA to roll over and agree to all current NHL demands AS IS, without any benefit going forward for future generations would negate everything the previous players sacrificed in the past to earn them those rights in the first place.

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