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Originally Posted by vikingGoalie View Post
while everyone has good points. One thing I'd like to add is that the system that Fleury plays behind is one that will kill stats. The penguins system is setup such that the # of shots might be lower, but Fleury will see a much higher number of grade A scoring chances against then most goalies.

A defensive hockey team is one where the types of shots the goalie sees are mostly lower % shots. Not back door 1-timers, or guys all alone 6 feet from the goalie. I don't care who you put in net, the way we played as a team last playoff series the result would be the same. That first goal in OT where our Norris level defensemen tips the puck away from the goalie, over by our Selke candidate Center who just watches the other team's player tap it in the open net.

we are not a very good defensive team we have talent, but have some serious lapses. (insert argument of whether it's personal or system)

When Mario was in his prime, we played in the other end so much that was our defense, a good offense. who was getting the puck away from him when he didn't want them too?

That said, Fleury was horrible last playoff series. Before Fleury's wobble at the end of the season (which I think was because of a combo of him playing too much due to Jonnie falling apart and Crosby's return mucked the chemistry up) he was having a pretty good season going.

I think a new Goalie coach has to come in. Fleury is in prime years now, compared to his peers in the NHL today his talent level is right at the top, he just needs to get his head screwed back on straight.
MAF career stats are average to below average no matter how you look at it. The system that is placed in front of him is placed "on purpose" as to limit the Pen's exposure to his weakness....saving the puck. His stats are earned....played behind many different defenders and from 2 different coaches. I do not see a huge difference in "era" from looking at his career stats.

His save % is low because he lets soft goals in (wristers top glove) and has poor rebound control (which leads to high % rebound shots). It will be nice to see what one of the best rebound control goalies (TV) can do behind the Pens. TV is a known commodity of an above average goal tender (used to be elite). If MAF can out-perform him..great. I have my doubts.

This isn't specifically targeted to you but others:
Please stop the nonsense about "critical" saves, or making saves when he "has to". Aren't they all equally important? Does it matter which 3-4 shots a goaltender lets in? The results are the same. I know when I used to play, I got more pissed off and bummed when my goaltender let in a softy compared to how pumped I got when he made a great save he shouldn't have. They are all equally important.

New goalie coach is about the last option prior to moving on. Meloche must be in with ML to still have a job.

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